L.I.R.R. Service Is Knocked Out by Lightning Strike

Updated, 12:30 a.m. Friday | Service on the Long Island Rail Road was largely suspended out of Penn Station and Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn Thursday evening after a lightning strike near the Jamaica hub of the railroad knocked out signal systems. Officials were warning customers that the continuing trouble with the signals would most likely affect service Friday morning.

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Why “Fixing the Problem” IS the Problem

Dramatic increases in public sector pension liabilities at a time when state and local governments have seen their revenues shrink drastically have resulted in an explosive backlash against public sector unions and the workers they represent. At the very time that high levels of unemployment increasingly have forced those who have lost their jobs to seek government services, they are being told that those services are being cut because of huge payments required to fund the pensions of public sector employees. This news has turned a spotlight on public sector pensions and served to demonize public sector employees.
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