Coyotes in the City? Smile, You’re on Camera

In March 2010, a wild coyote led the police on a chase through Lower Manhattan. It was caught in a parking lot in TriBeCa.

That was just one of many coyotes that have wandered into the city over the years. As reported on the Green blog, a researcher’s cameras have been capturing images of coyotes in the city for two years. They’re rare, but they’re here, probably having made their way from the Adirondacks — and that may not be such a bad thing. Read More »

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Construction Worker Killed in Building Collapse in Manhattan

A construction worker was killed and two others were injured on Thursday morning in the collapse of a partly demolished two-story building in Upper Manhattan that was owned by Columbia University, the authorities said.

The building, at 604-606 West 131st Street, collapsed shortly before 8 a.m. The cause was unclear.

A city official said the site was part of Columbia University’s expansion project, which involves building a 17-acre satellite campus in West Harlem. A demolition permit on the Web site of the city’s Buildings Department said demolition was to have begun on March 7. The permit noted that the building had passed a predemolition inspection the day before.

The three workers, who were not immediately identified, were taken to St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center. One was in traumatic arrest, apparently as a result of being crushed by debris as the building gave way, the authorities said. That worker died at the hospital. Of the two others, one was in critical condition, the other in serious condition.

Willy Katende, 46, who lives on the 12th floor of the building across Broadway from the site, said he was pouring a glass of soda when, through his window, he saw a wall collapse. “All I saw was concrete falling down on the workers,” he said. “It just happened so fast.”

The Manhattan borough president, Scott M. Stringer, demanded that the Buildings Department investigate what had set off the collapse. He said the department had posted a building code violation on March 5, “relating to a failure to safeguard all persons and property affected by demolition activities, and for demolition without a permit.”

“There was also a complaint today about vibrations and structural stability at the site,” Mr. Stringer said.

Al Baker and Randy Leonard contributed reporting.

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A Word From Our Sponsor On How To Purchase Motorcycle Insurance

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A Word From Our Sponsor On How To Use Self-Insurance

Self insurance is an option to those who feel like they may not have enough money saved up to protect their businesses. For good or for bad, modern society has many people ready to sue, and it is important for every conscientious business man to examine this issue. One particular area to watch is workman’s compensation. This is the area for the businessman to get involved and completely understand the numbers involved in his insurance and the risks involved.

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A High-Ranking Officer Who Clashes With Protesters

Baton in hand, he was part of a group of New York City police officers seen in a video patrolling a recent Occupy Wall Street protest.

The only visible sign of his true identity was his age – his weathered, mustached face was much older than those of most beat officers.

A dark, heavy jacket hid the four gold stars on his uniform, and the nameplate pinned to his white commander’s shirt read Esposito – as in Chief of Department Joseph J. Esposito, the highest uniformed ranking officer in the city’s Police Department.

Chief Esposito was jabbing protesters with a baton and yelling at them to stay on the sidewalk.

In the video, posted on the Web site of The New York Daily News on Wednesday, Chief Esposito is seen jabbing two protesters in a span of a few seconds, while shouting orders at them (in the recording, he appears four segments in, at 1:19). First, using his baton, he pushes a young man wearing a baseball cap. That young man throws a glance his way, but follows the orders. According to The Daily News, the video came from a protest on Saturday, along Dey Street in Lower Manhattan.

Chief Esposito then moves on to another protester: A man dressed in a hooded jacket adorned with metal studs whose face is not visible.

The chief, holding his baton at both ends, delivers a blow at shoulder level, knocking him back. When the man lurches forward, the chief delivers what appears to be a more aggressive second blow, aiming up and striking the man high on the shoulders, and possibly the face, as his head jerks back from the force.

“On the sidewalk,” Chief Esposito yells repeatedly.

Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman, told The Daily News that “the video speaks for itself.’’

Mr. Browne did not immediately respond to questions from The New York Times about the encounter or about the chief’s conduct and his prominent role at the protest.

In all the police hierarchy, Chief Esposito is perhaps the most beloved by rank-and-file officers.

Part of his high reputation derives from the fact that at 61, he is never far from the fray, unafraid to leave his desk – whether leading a manhunt for a suspect or rushing to hospitals when officers are injured. He rarely speaks at news conferences to expand on his actions. But no one doubts his passion for police work even as he approaches the mandatory retirement age of 63.

As the Police Department has met many Occupy Wall Street protests with strict enforcement, it has deployed higher-ranking officers in white shirts, including lieutenants, captains and inspectors, to assume more aggressive roles.

To the surprise of many, police officers and sergeants, whose uniform shirts are blue, played a secondary role, often standing back as the so-called white shirts acted as enforcers, taking on protesters and sometimes wrestling them to the ground. To observers, the policy suggested that the department brass did not trust the rank and file to show restraint or police appropriately.

Yet many protesters and their lawyers said that they soon came to fear the white shirts, believing that their approach to arrests and crowd control was much more heavy-handed than that of the rank-and-file officers.

One of the defining images of last year’s protests came on Sept. 24, when video footage circulated showing blue-shirted police officers casually holding up orange netting around a group of female protesters – and then catching a whiff of the potent pepper spray that squarely struck the women as a deputy inspector fired his canister.

Chief Esposito’s actions suggest that the white shirt policy may still be in place in anticipation of a resurgence of the movement this spring.

The Police Department has said nothing publicly about whether it has retooled its strategy even as protesters complain that the rules for engaging in peaceful protest are increasingly unclear – resulting in what they say are arbitrary arrests and enforcement.

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Back to Midwest Olive Garden After Tastes of New York

She came, she ate, she reviewed.

Marilyn Hagerty, the food critic for The Grand Forks Herald in North Dakota, became an Internet sensation a couple of weeks ago with a no-nonsense review of the new Olive Garden in Grand Forks. (“All in all,” she wrote after describing her $10.95 chicken Alfredo entree, “it is the largest and most beautiful restaurant now operating in Grand Forks.”)

With the attention that the review generated came a quick tour of New York. She sampled a hot dog from a vendor’s cart on 40th Street and, at the other end of the spectrum, stopped at Dovetail and Le Bernardin. Click here to read her account of her culinary tour in a review, which The Herald posted online on Wednesday.

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