Doubts on Threat to New York Indicated on Jihadi Sites

The flashy postings on jihadi sites appearing to warn of an imminent Qaeda attack on New York City were unlikely to be linked to any credible threat, experts said on Tuesday. A movie-poster-like sign showing the words “Al Qaeda Coming Soon Again in New York” superimposed over the Manhattan streetscape generated considerable Internet heat on Monday, and the police told The Daily News, “We take all things like this seriously.”

But one jihad researcher from Brandeis University pointed out to The Lede that the context on what appears to be its original site indicates that the sign was created “as a note on how to Photoshop.” And another Western jihad-tracking blogger wrote that jihadi Internet forums had never been the source of successful attacks. Read more on The Lede »

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Construction Worker Killed in Brooklyn Collapse

Updated 1:25 p.m. | A 25-year-old construction worker died in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, on Tuesday morning when part of a house collapsed on him, Fire Department officials said.

The man, Santos Garcia of Borough Park, Brooklyn, was pronounced dead at Lutheran Medical Center, the police said.

He was working on a two-and-a-half-story house at 40 Frank Court when the upper portion fell off the foundation. It was not clear what caused the accident. Three other workers were injured, none of them seriously.

The building has a city permit for “enlargement and interior renovation,” issued March 27. Department of Buildings officials were investigating whether the work was being done in compliance with the permit.

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A Word From Our Sponsor On Keeping Safe On The Road With Auto Insurance Orlando

Auto insurance Orlando is a must have for drivers. It’s part of being a responsible car owner. Many people take driving a car for granted. It is not a privilege that is given to just anyone. You have to earn the right to drive by obtaining a drivers license and you have to obey the laws of the road. You also are required to be financially responsible when it comes to driving a car and that’s where auto insurance is necessary. Accidents happen around us all the time, and it could happen to you. Unless you have auto insurance, you could end up paying thousands of dollars out of your own pocket to cover damages or injuries.

When you purchase insurance on your vehicle, you are entering into a contract with the auto insurance agency. You are agreeing to pay a certain dollar amount each month called a “premium,” and the insurance company agrees to pay the losses that are covered in your policy.

Although you might only need a minimum amount of insurance to legally drive your car, you still might want to consider the different types of coverage when it comes to auto insurance Orlando. Your policy could be written to include coverage for property, liability and medical coverage.

When looking for auto insurance, check around for the best rates and agencies offering discounts on your premium. Nearly every insurance company these days offer discounts for drivers who have a clean driving record or keep their car under a certain amount of miles each year. Talk to a few different companies to find the best rates and the best coverage to fit your needs.

How to Sell Food on the Streets

April is known for showers that bring flowers in May, but it also brings a rush for warm-weather permits for food trucks, most of them ice cream vendors, and one of the more chaos-inducing annual rituals in the highly competitive world of the city’s mobile food dealers. The business environment is complex enough to warrant its own 265-page survival manual, and the man behind the Rickshaw Dumpling trucks, David Weber, president of the city Food Truck Association, has written one. Read about Mr. Weber’s book on Diner’s Journal »

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