A Word From Our Sponsor On Helping Create Successful Mortgages

As someone employed by an insurance company, you know how important contracts are to business. Your company provides customers with special kinds of contracts that outline the assistance you will provide them; they in return comply with what you need from them. Contracts are complex legal documents and the people who work with them have to be very detail oriented; a single small mistake has the potential to completely void the power of a contract. Real estate contracts are especially complicated due in part to the many parties involved in the creation of those contracts. For this reason, insurance companies like yours have chosen to offer Mortgage Impairment Errors and Omissions Insurance policies to their clients.

Any of your real estate customers can tell you that the faster a deal is closed, the happier everyone is. Any delay in the mortgage application process can have wide-reaching effects, even so far as to ruin the deal altogether. A mistake in the contract could potentially void the mortgage; at the very least it will cause severe delays. This lost time will cost a real estate company and their mortgage brokers a lot of money in lost time and effort. One of the best ways a mortgage broker can protect themselves against such an occurrence is to have a Mortgage Impairment Errors and Omissions Insurance policy from their preferred insurance company. Your insurance company should be able to provide your customers with the policies they really need.

Serving the needs of the real estate industry is hard work, but you know that the insurance products you make available actually improve people’s lives. The Mortgage Impairment Errors and Omissions Insurance policies you sell your clients directly contribute successful mortgage applications.

A Word From Our Sponsor On The Coverage You Have With Homeowners Insurance

There are many mortgage companies that require you to have a homeowners insurance PA policy before you can get a loan because they realize the many benefits you can get out of it. You may realize that your policy will cover any damage on the outside of your home if you ever need it, but there are other things that it will cover as well.
If someone comes to your home and gets hurt then they will likely come to you for help with their medical bills and time out of work, but you may not have to pay out of pocket. Your homeowners insurance PA policy will likely cover most of the costs that they have. If someone breaks into your home you may be able to cover the outside and inside of your home as well. If you have items that are stolen you may get the value of the items back with your policy so you don’t have to cover the expenses out of pocket.
You may be surprised that the inside of your home may be covered with your homeowners insurance PA policy. If you have damage due to several different things you may be able to get it fixed quickly under your policy. You should be surprised at how many separate instances that can be covered with the proper coverage.

Police Seeking Tips on Armed Robbery of McDonald’s in Queens

The police are looking for a robber who forced workers at a McDonald’s in Queens into a walk-in freezer at gunpoint on Thursday.

The man entered the restaurant, at 181-25 Hillside Avenue in Jamaica, around 10:50 p.m. on Thursday and hid in the bathroom, the police said. Around 1 a.m., after the store had closed, the man came out of the bathroom wearing a mask, pulled a semiautomatic handgun, forced two of the three workers into the freezer and directed the third worker to open the safe, the police said.

The man took about $3,000, handcuffed the third worker and fled, the police said.

A security video released by the police shows the man stalking the grill area of the restaurant, brandishing the gun and appearing to give orders.

He is described as black, approximately 28 to 33 years old, 6 feet tall, 200 pounds, with long black hair. Anyone with information about him is asked to contact Crime Stoppers by calling (800) 577-8477, visiting nypdcrimestoppers.com or by sending a text message to 274637 and entering TIP577 and the message.

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Greenpeace Protests Apple’s Energy Practices By Releasing Balloons

The skies over the glass cube that serves as the entrance to the Apple store on Fifth Avenue turned a bit dark on Tuesday afternoon, at least for some shoppers inside. And a passing storm had nothing to do with it.

The sudden shadows were caused by bunches of balloons released by Greenpeace, the environmental advocacy group, in order to call attention to Apple’s use of coal power at its facilities.

Around 2:30 p.m., as if delivering birthday greetings, several Greenpeace demonstrators entered the cube clutching helium-filled balloons, which were the shape and color of charcoal briquettes.

As they neared the bottom of the cube’s stairs, they released the balloons, which lasted until they hit the ceiling of the cube and lodged themselves in place. Other demonstrators came later with paper shopping bags filled with balloons, which they let trickle out as they entered the store, before being escorted out.

The stunt, which did not lead to any arrests, according to Greenpeace, was timed to coincide with last week’s release of a report that ranked the eco-friendliness of top technology companies. Apple’s “clean energy index” of 15 percent was below that of Google, with 39 percent, and Dell, with 56 percent.

That relatively low score, according to Greenpeace, is partly because much of the electricity Apple uses at a new data center in Maiden, N.C., where the company’s iCloud storage is powered, comes from burning coal, a pollutant.

But whether Tuesday’s stunt will compel Apple to use more renewable energy is unclear. The company said that it was already working to make the North Carolina facility greener and that Greenpeace’s estimates for how much energy it used there were too high anyway.

But for its part, Greenpeace is calling the event, which was replicated at Apple stores in Toronto and San Francisco, a success.

“The customers were really buzzing, the employees were buzzing,” said Gabe Wisniewski, Greenpeace’s coal campaign director. “We want Apple to build a cleaner cloud, and we sent the message to the company.”

Not every Apple worker seemed to get it, though. One had to ask a reporter what the event meant, and some passers-by didn’t even notice the balloons on the ceiling. This may be because there were only about 50 of them. Some activists got stuck in traffic, one said, and by the time they arrived, they were barred from the store by police officers and forced to pace up and down the sidewalk on Fifth Avenue with the other balloons in their hands.

Alejandro Chavez, 49, from Boston, who was visiting New York with his son Alejandro, 19, thought the balloons were part of an Apple campaign to promote its iCloud feature. That confusion was sown in part because the cloud logo for iCloud appeared on many of the balloons. “I guess this will get the conversation started, though,” Mr. Chavez said.

Others felt sympathy for Apple, which has seemed to endure a lot of negative press recently, including The New York Times’s coverage of workplace standards in Chinese factories where iPhones are made.

“I don’t think that Apple is a malicious company,” said Bruce Aronson, 62, of Manhattan, who was at the store to shop. “In the end, they are just a victim of being No. 1.”

The most excited observer seemed to be Russell Lum, an Occupy Wall Street participant.

“I’m a fellow activist, and I understand tactics, so I know what this is all about,” Mr. Lum, 22, said. “This is what’s up, man!”

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