A Word From Our Sponsor On The Coverage Available For Worker’s Compensation

There are many manufacturing industries where the proper worker’s compensation is needed to protect both employees and employers, such as bottlers, breweries, and food products. The number of your customers that have these businesses may benefit from Worker’s Compensation for Manufacturing Risks. You may offer many of them the same coverage that is required to stay in business.
There are common mishaps that occur with any business that requires some sort of labor to be completed. With manufacturing businesses there are specific risks that they have to protect against to keep everyone safe, but that doesn’t make it fool proof. You can help your clients get the insurance they need so if an injury does occur they won’t be left to pay the bill on their own. With Worker’s Compensation for Manufacturing Risks your customers won’t have to worry constantly about making up the difference when someone gets hurt.
Many different manufacturing companies may benefit from worker’s compensation, such as box makers, canneries, cigarette manufacturers, electronic manufacturers, and many others. You may offer any of these the insurance policy that is needed to safeguard their employees and their profits. You may notice them to be very surprised by the coverage they end up receiving. They will likely refer to you for all of their coverage requirements in the future because of the excellent protection they have.

Sex Abuse Charges Dropped Against School Aide

Charges were dropped Thursday night against a public school aide accused of molesting an 8-year-old girl, just hours after his arrest was announced, his lawyer told reporters. The aide, Hany Abdalla of Public School 84 on the Upper West Side, had been charged with sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child.

His lawyer, Virginia LoPreto, told The Daily News that the accuser’s account was contradicted by teachers and other students in the second-grade class and that “there were serious questions about the validity of the allegations.” Officials at the Manhattan district attorney’s office were unable to immediately confirm the dropping of the charges.

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A Humble Letter

Dear Diary:

Metropolitan Diary

Reader Tales From the City

I started a long teaching career at Grover Cleveland High School in Queens, more than a little awed by the fact it was bigger than my hometown. At that time, the federal government made money available for field trips and, upon discovering none of my 9th or 10th graders had ever been on a field trip or even traveled much in the city, I set about planning to take them to what I considered its most beautiful place, the Cloisters.

I made a recon visit, gathering info with which to pepper my lessons over the next couple of months, devising a treasure hunt of objects that would give them a good overall sense of the place. I was confident my students were very well prepared to appreciate and learn from what they saw.

I showed my students the legal contract I had to sign, testifying to my responsibility for any harm they did on the premises.

Following our visit, during which my students were exceptionally well behaved, I asked them to write thank-you notes to our chaperones.

Janie’s letter to a chaperone made me forever humble about a teacher’s ability to anticipate students’ needs, to figure out what they need to know:

“Dear Ms. Craig, Thank you for going with us to the Cloisters. I’m sorry so many things were broken.”

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