Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment practices liability insurance policy covers an insured entity and its employees from liability that comes from their employment practices. The most common claims come from wrongful termination, some type of discrimination, and sexual harassment. These employment practices may be true or just alleged acts. All claims must be investigated as this is becoming a big issue in the workplace.
Most employment practices liability polices do not cover directors and officers. There can be an endorsement added to the policy to provide this coverage, or there can be a separate policy written to provide coverage.
There are many things that can be excluded from coverage on an employment practices liability policy. A typical exclusion is if there is any violation of workers compensation laws. Most exclusions are for federal laws that have been violated. This insurance coverage is not intended for companies that are blatantly breaking the law.
Other things that will not be covered are wrongful acts by directors or officers, fiduciary liability actions, or any type of internet liability. These would all be covered by different policies.
Insurance coverage for businesses can be very complicated. It is important to have an insurance agent that not only writes commercial coverages, but is familiar with your industry. It is important to make sure that your business is adequately covered against all of the potential liability claims that can arise. Visit our website to learn more.

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Making Sense Of Landlord Property Insurance In NJ

If you have landlord property insurance in NJ, then you may have felt confused at one time or another with the wording of your policy. Insurance policies can contain a lot of technical jargon that the average person may find difficult to understand at times. Even those who purport to understand insurance language might get confused by some terminology from time to time. Luckily you should have an insurance agent or broker who is on your side and can help you understand your customized insurance policy.

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Invest In A Construction Insurance Policy With Your Business In Mind

As a construction business owner, there is no doubt that construction insurance has crossed your mind at one point or another. Having the right support to back you up in the event that something should happen that is outside of your control is what often saves large and small companies alike from going under while trying to repair the damages. But how do you know if the coverage that you have is right for your company?
Whether you are shopping for construction insurance or have been under the protection of an existing policy for a number of years, it is a good idea to consider what other insurance providers can offer you. Because of the wide variety of coverage options that different companies typically have available, keeping yourself up to date with what your business needs compared to what modern insurers can provide is a great way to make sure that you are getting the most for your money.
The construction insurance that you invest in should be able to meet the specific needs of your company and offer reliable protection for your best interests. It may be wise to inquire as to whether or not your insurance provider offers safety inspections and advice that could be helpful in improving the way that your business operates. Taking the time to evaluate the coverage options that are available can help you determine whether the coverage you currently have or are considering is the right match for what your company needs. Visit our website for more information.

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Some Benefits Of Captive Insurance

Insurance, as the word suggests, is there to insure entities – either people or businesses –against the financial risk of possible contingencies that may occur in the future. While we cannot confidently predict events in the future, different types of insurance exist for certain situations, analyzing possible losses for each one. For example, your automobile insurance policy will not likely cover the possibility of your car being stolen by aliens, but it will likely cover possible damage due to collision. It is similar with most traditional forms of insurance. They generally have a specific set of ‘likely’ events against which you can elect to be insured. But in many cases, traditional policies may not cover what you want them to, or be unwilling to cover you due to excessive risk. If you want to cover parts of your business against some unusual contingency, something not usually covered, or you can’t afford regular business insurance, you may have to look for a company providing captive solutions for your insurance problems.
A major benefit of captive solutions is the flexibility they can have due to the fact that captive companies are privately owned by their policyholders. They often allow greater degree of policyholder control over their insurance, and they can be cheaper than the alternatives. Moreover, they can often provide captive solutions for cases in which coverage is hard to find due to differences in regulation or coverage across countries. Visit our website to know more.

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Sponsored Ad: Cover Your Vehicle Repair Business

We use cars every day in the USA, as well as other places. Many people simply do not live within walking distance of their more usual destinations, while others would cycle if there were a safer system of bicycle paths in their neighborhood. In other cases public transport may not go to where one needs to go, or is too expensive. For whatever reasons, cars are among the most common forms of transportation that people use today, and that fact makes auto repair shops both an important, and a possibly lucrative business.
But not all businesses have it easy. Mechanical failures, weather or fire damage, damage to customers’ vehicles, or even employee injury can all be major hold-ups for a repair shop, and so many owners get vehicle repair insurance. When a worker cuts himself with a circular saw or burns himself with welding equipment, a compressed air cylinder explodes, or a piece of machinery stops working, an accident can easily stop business in its tracks and risk failure. With something like vehicle repair insurance, though, a business owner can make sure his shop is protected from the financial consequences of such accidents. With a vehicle repair insurance policy, he can quickly pay for the repairs or damages and get his shop up and running again, so that next time your car breaks down, you can always find somewhere to go to get it fixed on time! Click here to learn more.

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