Defining the Subway

Dear Diary:

Subway (noun):

The underground place of transformation from weary cynic to believer; where you meet a 7-year-old boy to your right who asks you for a helpful hint on his puzzle as he gently kicks your leg as the train rocks along, while on your left, a lady helps shush your baby back to sleep.

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A Life Dedicated to Pursuing Nazis, and Remembering Their Victims

As Serge Klarsfeld tells it, he had the “luck” to see his father and other French Jews in Nazi-occupied Nice carted off to Auschwitz by Germans. It spared him the pain of seeing them rounded up, as often happened, by their own French countrymen. Since Sept. 30, 1943, when he huddled behind a secret closet wall with his mother and sister while his father was seized by the SS for deportation and death, Mr. Klarsfeld, now a prominent French lawyer, has dedicated his life to memorializing victims of the Holocaust and bringing their killers to justice, most notably the notorious Gestapo chief in France, Klaus Barbie.

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