2 Views of Buildings Around Grand Central: Special or Just Old

It is possible to look at the 80- and 90-year-old towers around Grand Central Terminal as buildings that give east Midtown the desirable luster of civic history. It is equally possible to look at them as the buildings that give east Midtown the deathly shroud of commercial obsolescence. (As the photos above are meant to show, it is also possible to see the buildings in either light.)

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Sweeping Before the Storm

Dear Diary:

Another storm was approaching when he beckoned for me. Toting a wimpy broom, he stood on the top step of his brownstone – the 10 other steps covered by light coats of snow. His weight shifted onto a cane. He reminded me of the man in East Harlem I’d seen earlier that day. That man sat in his electric wheelchair, one of its motorized wheels caked in mud and spinning like mad, unable to gain traction.

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