Avoid the High Costs of Forming a Captive

Rent A Captive

Rent A CaptiveMany people bemoan the practices of the financial community and the effect it has had on the economy. However, regulating business has always been a difficult and complicated affair. One of the effective methods employed in sound financial practice is the regulation of insurance agencies. Companies may not be able to rely completely on the performance of a particular company, but they are more able to rely on the backup of their insurance. The government ensures this by enacting strict requirements on the capital funds available to insurance companies. This includes captive insurance companies, which are formed for the sole purpose of ensuring their parent company. However, many companies who would otherwise use captive insurance to offset their business risks cannot assemble the required capital to form a captive insurance company that will meet government standards. For these companies, rent a captive can be the solution.

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How Much Can Hired Non Owned Auto Damage Actually Cost?

hired non owned auto

hired non owned autoMinor repairs for damage done to staffing agency owned vehicles can cost more than you might think. There are multiple costs associated with hired non owned auto accidents. These include the actual cost of the repair, the cost of lost revenue while the auto is in the shop, and miscellaneous costs associated with completing the necessary repair. Get your vehicles repaired and back on the road with the right auto insurance for staffing agencies.

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Get the Most from your Business Insurance with a Review and Evaluation

Business Insurance Fairfield New Jersey

Business Insurance Fairfield New JerseyIf you are considering purchasing business insurance, or switching your current business insurance policy, the best way to get the most for your money is to work with an agent to review and evaluate your company’s needs. Be realistic about you budget and honest about any concerns you may have had with previous policies. An agent who works with business insurance in Fairfield New Jersey can help you find the best coverage at the best price.

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