The Importance of Understanding Dentists Medical Liability Insurance

Dentists Medical Liability InsuranceFor nearly all professionals working in the field of oral health, it is vital that there is a basic grasp of how and why dentists medical liability insurance is of such great importance. It is unfortunate that the rate of malpractice claims being filed has reached a point that makes medical liability insurance necessary. However, the fact remains that it is of utmost importance that the terms and definitions be understood by all in the industry—from the greenest newcomers to dental veterans.

How Liability Works

Liability, in the medical/legal sense, is an expense that accrues when a patient or a relation to a patient files a medical malpractice claim. The role of a doctors or dentists medical liability insurance policy is to cover these expenses in the unfortunate case that a lawsuit or similar claim is filed. This protects medical professionals from these large, potential costs. Without medical liability insurance, an entire practice could be financially crippled because of a misunderstood communication or a disgruntled patient.

What is Covered?

Besides the cost in damages and care required by the victims of malpractice, liability insurance will usually also cover courtroom expenses. When a claim is filed, it is often the responsibility of the insurance company to defend their client legally. This is especially important for medical professionals, as costs in the courtroom can run astoundingly high.