You think health care is expensive now? Wait ’til next year.

The number of reported enrollees in Delaware’s health insurance exchange is only four thus far.

Let us do a point count, here at half time. 6 people signed up for Obamacare, day one, 148 by day three. 6,000,000 people were given insurance termination notices in October, by health insurance companies whose products have been decertified by the government ACA requirements. The ACA and GSA predict 11,000,000 will lose their chosen coverage and be forced into Obamacare by January 11,2014,. Actuaries put that number at 43,000,000 who will lose their coverage. 43 million! The stated goal was to insure 16 million uninsured, and 7/10ths of a million pre-existing condition “uninsurable”.

The problem is beyond the number of enrollees who sign up. If only those who consume more health care services have signed up on the exchanges by March 31, then the actuaries who set insurance prices for the 2015 year will have only a limited amount of data to work with. If that is the case expect to see “sticker shock” prices for that year. This is because insurance may not be purchased on the exchanges after March 31 for 2014; therefore, very few people if anyone will volunteer to enroll in the health exchanges between April 1 and October 15 when the enrollment period opens for 2015. In addition, if one does not purchase health insurance but gets dick or in an accident, the hospitals can enroll people on the exchanges on the spot. This is something to keep in mind for next year unless a lot of healthy people decide to sign up for this.

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