Delaware’s economic index

State Treasurer Flowers’ office has posted new economic numbers in the “Delaware mini economic index”as of this November. Here are some of the numbers:

The State’s economic climate over the last 60 days is rated as “Fair”, which is the middle rating. The national growth is listed as “weak”.

The weakness is being led by a slowing housing market. After all, one can only buy so many homes at artificially low interest rates, can we?

There was an increase of 50 Delawareans per week filing jobless claims. This number will likely change when the EVRAZ steel plant in Claymont and the Georgia-Pacific plant in Harrington shut down.

Delaware had 440,172 people in the labor force in August 2013 (Delaware Dept. of Labor). 32,116 were part time, the rest full time. There are 1,600 fewer Delawareans working in August than in July, and likely fewer now than in August when the new numbers come out. The U-3 unemployment rating went from 7.3% to 7.4%, which is about the national average. A few places like CarMax and Kraft Foods are adding some new jobs or expanding on existing ones, but the numbers are small.

Gas prices have been dropping slowly but steadily, to the point where some are wondering if $3 a gallon gas by New Year’s is possible.

When September and October numbers come out, we will post them for you. Overall: Delaware could be in worse shape, but we could be in better shape as well. CRI has been offering ideas and solutions to address our economic growth issues. Visit to learn more.


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How Much Can Hired Non Owned Auto Damage Actually Cost?

hired non owned autoMinor repairs for damage done to staffing agency owned vehicles can cost more than you might think. There are multiple costs associated with hired non owned auto accidents. These include the actual cost of the repair, the cost of lost revenue while the auto is in the shop, and miscellaneous costs associated with completing the necessary repair. Get your vehicles repaired and back on the road with the right auto insurance for staffing agencies.

Costs Due to Lost Productivity are Often Substantial

Work with an insurance company that understands needs specific to staffing agencies. Covering the cost of a damaged vehicle quickly is often essential to the overall sustainability of many businesses in the staffing industry. Hired non owned auto damage can be more costly than the cost of a repair or new vehicle. Cut the downtime associated with shopping for a cheap mechanic or auto body repair shop by having the right insurance. Also, ensure that the vehicle is fixed properly and later safe to drive.

Contact an Insurance Agency that Understands the Industry to Reduce Costs

Get the right hired non owned auto insurance from an insurance company that understands the staffing industry. In short, there is no single answer to how much auto damage can cost a staffing agency. The best answer is perhaps that auto damage can cost a substantial amount of money in repairs and lost productivity.

A High School Student Understands Common Core-why can’t the politicians?

If you haven’t seen this video of a Tennessee high school student speak out against Common Core State Standards, you should watch it now.

Both the left and the right, teachers’ unions and Conservative organizations have been critical of Common Core, some of for the same reasons and sometimes for different reasons. From the left, they are unhappy with the increase in standardized testing being used in teacher’s evaluations and changing standards which make it harder for teachers to put together effective curriculum for the classrooms. From the right, they generally will agree with these complaints, plus there is the addition of Federalizing education standards and allowing third-party (read: big cronyist businesses) sources to obtain students’ information which can either be a) stolen or b) sold to these third parties as part of their marketing campaigns. Not that the left necessarily is in favor of those things, either.

In any case the student, Ethan Young, a senior at Farragut High School in Knox County, Tennessee, makes a good case from both sides as to why Common Core State Standards are not benefiting the classroom. The irony is that even if one believes this is a project of the National Governors Association and “the states”, as opposed to the Federal government, that does not explain how the NGA, most of whose members have no background in education or running a business but do have lots of experience in politicking, created these standards that are somehow superior to anything which could have been devised by parent and community activists, educators, business leaders, and a small number of politicians. Florida under Jeb Bush turned their education system around without coming up with a one-size-fits-all approach: they changed the way schools were graded, they rewarded schools who took more challenging students, they instituted a merit-pay system, and they held the schools that were failing accountable. the result? Hispanic and even special needs students in Florida over the last decade have scored well against the nationwide average.


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