3 Common Types of Equipment Breakdown in Manufacturing

Manufacturers insurance in Orlando

As a manufacturer, you rely heavily on your equipment. If for some reason part or all of your equipment fails, causing a delay in production, your business could get into serious financial trouble. Manufacturers insurance in Orlando allows you to purchase equipment breakdown coverage which can help reduce the financial losses incurred from the following mechanical issues.

1. Mechanical Equipment

Breakdown claims regarding air conditioning units are very common. Can you imagine operating without A/C in the Florida heat? Chances are you would have to stop all production until your unit gets fixed, which could be costly and cause you to lose valuable business. Mechanical issues can also arise from refrigeration units, washing machines, dryers, pumps, motors, and so forth.

2. Electrical Equipment

Your manufacturing facility probably contains a lot of electrical equipment, such as fans, computers, security systems, vending machines, transformers, ATM machines, telecommunications equipment and electrical service panels. Failure in one of these systems could cause other equipment to fail as well, due to the fact that a lot of them are interconnected.

3. Boilers and Pressure Vessels

These two types of equipment are cited by manufacturers as another common cause of business interruption and they get more troublesome as they get older. Boilers and pressure vessels, such as heat exchangers, water heaters, hydronic boilers, and so forth, can also pose a huge hazard to your workers.

There are many mechanical issues that can occur unexpectedly and cause financial loss. Manufacturers insurance in Orlando is a safe haven when things don’t work the way they are supposed to.