3 Things Employers Should Know About Workers Compensation in Virginia

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Workers compensation is a form of insurance designed to protect both employers and employees in case of on the job injuries. It protects employers from excessive healthcare costs and it protects employees by covering work injury-related health expenses. Worker’s compensation in Virginia is required by law, and there are three important details that employers need to know to ensure they are in compliance.

First, employers must know when worker’s compensation is necessary. Virginia employers are required to provide workers compensation when they have more than two employees, full-time or part-time. This includes the employees of any subcontractors even if the subcontractor already has workers compensation for them.

Employers also need to know what constitutes an employee. In Virginia, an employee is any individual who fits in the following categories:

  • Family members working for the business
  • Minors
  • Undocumented workers
  • LLC managers and corporate officers
  • Seasonal, part-time and temporary workers
  • Workers for non-profits, churches and charities

Additionally, employers must be aware of their responsibilities, such as carrying compensation as required by law, regularly reviewing coverage requirements, and promptly reporting any worker injuries to their insurance carrier. The professionals at Goodrich and Watson insurers will make certain that both your company and your employees are adequately protected with worker’s compensation in Virginia.