6 Unique Ways Of Using Business Cards

Business card printing are normally used and distributed at networking events, social functions or business meetings. These little cards are primarily used for introduction and means to contact you when needed. With all the technology available today, it is very easy to come up with custom business cards with the aid of business card templates.

If you are running a small business and need to be a little creative in spreading the word about your product or service using business card printing, here are new ideas to let people know or reinforce your companys presence to the market.

Loyalty Cards

These are separate card from your usual business cards. They are more like custom business cards. You can only give them to your most loyal customers. You can design the back portion of your business card as a loyalty card. With the use of business card templates, you can easily encode the necessary information at the back of the card. It can either show discount offer or promotional offer. Your customers will surely feel special when they receive a loyalty card from you.

Pocket Size Billboards

These kinds of business card printing are especially handy in trade shows and exhibits. With the hundreds of companies participating in these shows, they will probably use the usual business cards. With you being unique using custom business cards, you will definitely be remembered.

Bill Payment Attachment

When you are mailing your bill payments, you can include your business card. It is not about selling your company to them, but it is more of being passed on to someone who might be able to use your companys product or service.

Community Postings

Some recreational centers, supermarkets schools, libraries and restaurants have bulletin boards that you can utilize to advertise your business. Ask permission from them to hang or pin your business card in their boards. If you have a fancy custom business card using one of those distinct business card templates, there is a great chance that passersby will notice your card.

Price Tags

If you are company is product-based, you can use your business cards as the price tags instead of using the regular ones. Find a business card template that resembles a price tag. When printed, attach these custom business cards to your product. Every purchase made is also a future reference by the customers.


If you are returning the book that you have recently read to your local library, place your business card inside the book and make it look like you have used it as a bookmark. The next person who will read it will have a use of your business card and might even visit your website for more information. This especially works if the book is also about your business.

These are all just a beginning of a creativity phase that you can consider. There could be more. Business card printing can be used in so many ways. And with the availability of a wide collection of business card templates for a custom business card, anythings possible. You only need to wrack your brain and think out of the box.

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