A Word From Our Sponsor On Law Enforcement Liability

There are various policies generally held within a municipality insurance New York insurance package. Coverage will include general liability, errors and omissions for public officials, automotive coverage for commercial vehicles, and for crimes committed by municipal employees. Another policy that is essential to any municipality insurance New York policy is law enforcement liability.

Law enforcement liability insurance covers claims that result from allegations of errors, omissions, and negligent acts which occur during law enforcement activities. Claims are filed when property damage, bodily injury, or violation of civil rights occur as the direct result of law enforcement violation. This coverage is extremely important as law enforcement agencies and officers are constantly dealing with high liability circumstances.

Accusations of false arrest, false detention, or false imprisonment can all result in legal action being taken against a municipality. If civil papers are served erroneously or civil rights are violated, legal action may also result. Law enforcement agencies and law enforcement officials must continually walk a fine line when carrying out their protective duties. They often have to do so under stressful circumstances where appropriate action is often a matter of individual discretion.

For the protection of these local government employees who routinely put their safety at risk for the protection of the community, as well as the protection of local government funds, the carrying of municipality insurance New York coverage is strongly advised.

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