A Word From Our Sponsor On What Is Ambulance Plus Insurance

Ambulance Plus Insurance is a service offered to ambulance companies to help with things such as general liability, workers compensation, professional liability, property, excess liability, portable equipment, commercial automobile liability and physical damage. In the ambulance industry the difference between insurance companies usually seems like a minor issue when you have to take into account the training and licensing of your employees in life-or-death situation.

General liability covers harm caused either directly or indirectly by employees, professional liability covers any harm caused by negligence, and commercial automobile liability covers the minimum auto insurance required in most states. Insurance on portable equipment will help replace covered equipment for covered damages so that the ambulance company doesn’t go out of business by paying replacement prices on expensive equipment if the ambulance gets broken into or destroyed. Workers compensation coverage of some sort is required for all businesses in the United States so that employees and employers are covered for any on-the-job medical or injury costs.

One thing to keep in mind about Ambulance Plus Insurance is that it is an insurance plan for ambulance companies and not a rider on a private health insurance plan that covers ambulance rides. This is especially important insurance to have for an ambulance company because most business automobile insurance plans will not cover some of the special situations and liabilities that an ambulance company has to deal with.

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