Auto Repair Shops Need Important Insurance Coverage

There are many opportunities for damages or accidents in an auto repair shop, so it should be a safe assumption that a specific type of insurance for auto repair shops will be necessary. Whether the tools and equipment need to be replaced, an employee is suffering from lost wages due to an accident at work, or human error has led to damage on a customer’s car, the need for auto repair shop insurance is critical.
When the time comes to choose and purchase that insurance, there are some important decisions to weigh. For instance, how well does the business property portion of the insurance policy offer protection? Fires, natural disasters or other causes of property damage can quickly add up to financial ruin for an auto repair shop. Insurance for auto repair shops should also include a business liability policy. This section of the insurance will provide coverage in the event of accidents or injuries that take place on the property or away from the actual property, such as when a customer’s car is being driven or worked on. There is also important coverage for auto repair shops which applies to business crime. This category of coverage relates to losses because of employee theft or when someone breaks into or robs the auto shop.
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