Benefits of Carnets Online

Carnets online

Almost every industry has options for managing business online. If you’re using an ATA carnet for transporting goods through foreign countries, applying for carnets online makes it much easier to upload information and register goods to manage your shipping and exports. The benefits of a carnet include:

  • Simplification of customs procedures – one document for multiple countries
  • No surprises when your goods arrive in a foreign country because arrangements are made in advance
  • Reduces costs and taxes to exporters by eliminating VAT, duties and a security that must be posted before importing
  • The carnet acts as the U.S. Customs registration form
  • Carnets are valid for up to one year
  • Partial shipments and split shipments can be managed through the carnet

Carnets online cover all types of commercial merchandise, from electronics to ordinary goods to rare pieces of art and even live animals. It’s easy to apply and set up your carnet through the online portal when you have the information you need. You’ll need to have a list of goods, the representatives that will be handling the goods, and where the shipment is traveling. You’ll need to show insurance and pay the fees for the carnet before it can be issued. It’s also recommended that you have a power of attorney if you’re obtaining a carnet for a customer. We can help you get the right documentation to make importing and exporting goods much easier.