Boat Insurance Provides Boat Owners With Peace of Mind

boat insurance in California

Your boat is a huge investment and like any big investment, you need to protect it with boat insurance in California. Accidents can happen at sea, in the docks and even on the road when you’re towing your boat from place to place. Boat insurance can help you be prepared and cover the majority of expenses accrued when an accident does leave your boat damaged or stranded or you liable.

Boat insurance covers all types of personal vessels including speedboats, pontoons, fishing boats, houseboats, sailboats and more. Like most insurance packages, you can pick and choose what type of overall coverage you want and need. Property coverage insures all of the built-in equipment such as hulls, sails, furnishings and more. Liability coverage covers you in the event that you cause an accident out on the water, are responsible for an oil spill or a passenger is injured while you’re out at sea. If necessary, your policy will pay for legal fees and all or a portion of monetary settlements or judgements.

You also have the option of adding road side assistance to your policy. If your vehicle breaks down while you’re towing your vessel, or if a tire on your trailer pops, don’t leave your boat stranded on the side of the road, and let your insurance carrier pay for the tow.

The best insurance companies have additional enhancements that you can add to your policy, which is why you should shop around a bit before deciding on the best boat insurance in California.