How to Shop for Insurance

When it comes to shopping around for insurance in VA it can be a little stressful. There are so many coverage options and insurance agencies willing to help businesses with their needs. It can be hard to know where to start. With these three tips on what to look for, however, you can find the right agency for you in no time.

Look for Experience

Don’t settle for someone that hasn’t been at the top of their game for years. Some insurance agencies have been leading the way for many years. You don’t have to settle for anyone that isn’t experienced or specialized in your particular business needs.

Look for a Fast Quote

You don’t have time to wait around when you have a business to run. Finding insurance in VA is imperative to the life of your company. You’re not going to want to waste your time waiting on a quote when you could still be looking. Make sure that they offer you a quote quickly.

Look for Versatility

A firm that has many different specialties can help you in all aspects of your life. It’s good to be able to find a solution to all of your insurance needs in one place. If you’re looking for more than insurance for your business, then being able to find it at one firm can be convenient and beneficial.

Insurance shopping can be overwhelming. However, when you know what you’re looking for it can narrow down the search quickly.

Essential Information for Professional Liability Policy Buyers

You probably already know that there are two different types of dentist professional liability insurance; claims-made and occurrence. While both of these insurance types provide ample coverage and protection, there are a few distinct differences between them. Understanding these differences can help you become a more knowledgeable policy buyer. Here is the breakdown on both types of coverage.


Occurrence Coverage


Under dentist professional liability insurance, occurrence coverage is probably more well-known and understood than claims-made coverage. An occurrence policy will provide adequate coverage for damage or injuries that occur during the policy period, regardless of when the actual claim is reported. In essence, it provides long-term coverage and protection for any incident that occurs while your occurrence coverage plan is active, even if the claim isn’t made until years later.


Claims-Made Coverage


Claims-made coverage was first introduced to be an alternative type of coverage. If you have a claims-made policy and have maintained continuous coverage then your insurance company is responsible to pay any claims made, even if they weren’t the primary insurance company providing coverage when the incident occurred.


Dentist professional liability insurance is a great option for dental practices, but it’s important to understand the differences in the plans before purchasing coverage. Whether you opt for an occurrence coverage plan or a claims-made coverage option will all depend on the needs of your particular business. Speak with a professional insurance agent to find out more specifics before determining which option is right for your dental practice.

Easy Ways a Dentist Can Avoid Malpractice Suits

Dentists Medical Liability InsuranceDental medical malpractice lawsuits are becoming more common and more expensive these days for dentists running their own practice. Accompanied with a good dentists medical liability insurance program, a dentist can also follow a few simple practices to help their customers find satisfaction in their service, and avoid being sued for dental malpractice.

Never Perform a Procedure you are Uncomfortable With

In your attempt to offer great service to your loyal customers and patients, it may be tempting at times to perform procedures that you are not quite comfortable with. If you are not completely confident in your ability to perform any kind of dental procedure, there is no shame in referring your patient to a more capable dentist or specialist in your area. By avoiding procedures you are not sure you can do perfectly, you can avoid causing dental injuries and medical malpractice.

Promptly Reply to Letters of Dental Inquiry

While many letters you receive from the Dental Board may be founded on false or weak claims, never assume the Dental Board will take care of the investigation on their own. It is important to send a prompt reply to any dental inquiries you might receive about dental injuries or complaints. This will protect you should your dentists medical liability insurance need to file a claim for a customer complaint of medical malpractice.

Speak with your dental liability provider for more helpful tips on avoiding malpractice suits in your own dental practice.

The Importance of Understanding Dentists Medical Liability Insurance

Dentists Medical Liability InsuranceFor nearly all professionals working in the field of oral health, it is vital that there is a basic grasp of how and why dentists medical liability insurance is of such great importance. It is unfortunate that the rate of malpractice claims being filed has reached a point that makes medical liability insurance necessary. However, the fact remains that it is of utmost importance that the terms and definitions be understood by all in the industry—from the greenest newcomers to dental veterans.

How Liability Works

Liability, in the medical/legal sense, is an expense that accrues when a patient or a relation to a patient files a medical malpractice claim. The role of a doctors or dentists medical liability insurance policy is to cover these expenses in the unfortunate case that a lawsuit or similar claim is filed. This protects medical professionals from these large, potential costs. Without medical liability insurance, an entire practice could be financially crippled because of a misunderstood communication or a disgruntled patient.

What is Covered?

Besides the cost in damages and care required by the victims of malpractice, liability insurance will usually also cover courtroom expenses. When a claim is filed, it is often the responsibility of the insurance company to defend their client legally. This is especially important for medical professionals, as costs in the courtroom can run astoundingly high.