Choosing Outdoor Furniture

When most people think of furniture, they are thinking of the type that goes inside their home. But if you have a yard or patio, chances are you will need to pick out some outdoor garden furniture as well. Here are some things to consider when making your choices. As with other kinds of furniture, there is also a lot of variety in outdoor furniture.

One of the most important considerations will be comfort. Before purchasing, try out the furniture to make sure you will want to spend a lot of time lounging around in it. Sit in the chairs, pull them up to the table, and make sure they are a good height. Check the table to make sure that the legs dont get in the way of the chairs. By the same token, the wholesale patio furniture armrests should be the right height so they dont impede sliding under the table.

Check the armrests for comfort. Some styles may have armrests that look great but are much too narrow for your arms to rest comfortably. Also make sure that the chair size is right for you. Many styles are very wide and deep, and you may find that you are unable to reach the back of the chair while sitting normally. Check the material that the cushions are made of, and try them out to make sure they have adequate padding.

When thinking about the style of patio and furniture youd like, its important to consider how much maintenance it will require. If you decide on aluminum furniture, regular cleaning with soap and water is all thats needed to keep it looking nice. If you decide on teak, and dont like its naturally weathered look, you will need to regularly sand the furniture and apply teak oil. Steel and wrought iron will rust, so if at all possible, you will need to keep this type of furniture covered when it rains. Or, you can paint it, and that will provide some protection.

If you buy furniture that is already painted, many manufacturers will provide some touch-up paint you can use to cover chipped areas. Many higher end manufacturers are moving away from painting to a powder coating, which provides a much more thick, even finish. The best way to check the quality of patio garden furniture is to look closely at store samples. If youre looking at wood furniture, make sure that the joints are closely fitted. Welded joints on metal furniture should look neat and be sanded down to be as unobtrusive as possible. If the finish is wood, make sure its been evenly sanded and not just on top surfaces.

Check for sharp edges on metal furniture, especially in hidden places where knees or hands could connect with them. Make sure that nuts and bolts are capped. This isnt just for looks; the caps will keep moisture from getting in and rusting them. If any screws are exposed, find out if they are stainless steel. outdoor furniture cushions can represent a substantial investment, so take your time while shopping so you find the style and quality best for you.

When you are looking at purchasing Outdoor Furniture it will need to be sturdy while at the same time be light weight enough to be able to be moved quickly if the occasion should arise. However, these are not the two basic requirements that you will need to know. If you really stop and think about the fact that you are purchasing Garden Furniture that is going to outdoors than the two key elements should be quite obvious.

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