Choosing The Right Gas For Your Lighters

If you have a fascination with collectible lighters, you are constantly looking for new and unique lighters to add to your collection. When you are searching for quality lighters, the last thing on your mind is what type of lighter fluid you plan on using. Lighter fluid makes all the difference if you plan to use your lighting applications for their intended purpose. If you are an avid cigar smoker or you enjoy your tobacco pipe from time to time, make sure to understand how lighter fluid can affect the taste of your tobacco. Compare various types of popular lighter fluids and make the best investment.

Butane Fluid

Butane is a highly flammable and colorless gas that can easily be liquefied. While butane is sold as a solid gas, its most popular use is as a liquefied component for cigarette lighters. Butane lighters burn at very high temperatures and last longer than propane lighters. Because the fuel is odorless and colorless, lighting your cigars or cigarettes with a butane lighter will not affect the cigar or cigarette’s taste. This is extremely important for individuals who make large investments to purchase fine cigars. Butane Fluid does not burn as quickly as other fuels so you will not have to refill your lighter as often.


Propane is a popular gas used to fuel gas grills and appliances. When propane is combined with butane the gas is call liquefied petroleum gas. Lighters using propane are commonly referred to as windproof lighters. Windproof lighters produce a strong flame that cannot be blown out by breezes or gusts of wind. Propane, like butane lighter fluid, burns very hot and evenly. Propane is also an odorless and colorless gas that will not affect your smoking experience. The primary difference between butane and propane fluid is how quickly the gas burns. Propane may burn quicker, however, it is easier to locate propane fuel in your local retail stores.

Where to Find the Best Lighters

Once you decide which lighter is best for you, you will need to find a great resource to buy your lighter fluids and your collectible lighters. Make sure to search for reputable sources on the Internet before you turn to your local smoke shops. Some stores offer discounted prices on fuel if you buy in bulk. Make sure you read reviews on a company before you choose a seller.

Lighter fluids can severely impact your smoking experience. If you choose a lighter fluid that produces a weak flame or gases you can smell, this may translate into your cigar or cigarette. Review the benefits of each type of fuel and see what type of lighter fuel your current lighters take and make an informed investment.

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