Coming to Terms With Your House as an Open House

High on the list of the inherent tensions involved in selling your home is this: On the one hand, prospective buyers need to be able to take a look around; on the other hand, it’s still your home, and you still live there, and what are all these strangers doing traipsing through? In an era when properties sit on the market longer than they used to, the rituals of the open house get particularly draining.

This week’s Appraisal column is about a Brooklyn couple with an 11-month-old who got so tired of disrupting their lives every Sunday for open houses that they accepted an offer well below their asking price, just to get the process over with.

The Appraisal wants to know what compromises you had to make when you were selling your home? Were there prospective buyers who made themselves a little too comfortable during open houses in your home? Did you find yourself living in a spotless museum where you couldn’t leave out an errant book or pile of unfolded laundry for fear that your real estate broker would bring through another possible buyer? At what point did you reach your breaking point? Share your stories below. Thanks

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