CRI Intervenes Again

Very recently, Dave Stevenson, CRI’s Director for Energy Competitiveness, has filed a petition to intervene in the Public Service Commission’s DOcker 12-292, which is a deal between the Chesapeake Utilities Corporation for New Natural Gas Expansion Rates for Southeastern Sussex County and the PSC.

From the article:

“Chesapeake Utility has filed a request with the Delaware Public Service Commission to create new
rates for natural gas service to cover the cost of pipeline expansion specifically in southeastern Sussex
County. Chesapeake Utility recently buried pipelines into the region to supply high volume customers such
as Beebe Hospital and has reportedly had requests from fifty neighboring developments to offer residential
service. Current rates cover expansion in high population density areas but are inadequate for suburban
areas such as the sprawling developments around Lewes and Rehoboth.”

“Offsetting the savings will be the cost of hook up from the street and the cost of appliance changes.
Chesapeake has also requested approval to provide loan programs for appliance costs which can be many
thousands of dollars…Short term, Delmarva Power is reducing natural
gas price about 15% this year. Chesapeake Utilities is expected to follow suit. Additionally, Chesapeake has
asked for permission to charge all existing customers $15 a year to help cover the cost of expansion.”

Mr. Stevenson has offered his services as an intervener to try to avoid having energy costs go up and then passed along to the consumers. Since no one knows how long natural gas will remain cheap, it is important for energy consumers and the towns and cities they live in to have options for energy besides electricity and oil. We will provide further information via request if you e-mail us at [email protected] Note: Dave has not officially as of this writing been accepted as an intervener in this case.

The full article will soon be available on our website, along with a complete statistical breakdown of our data comparing the cost of different types of energy and also the cost by region of Sussex. The Cape Gazette may also publish the article sometime in the near future.

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