Don’t Get Caught in a Legal Nightmare – Make Certain Your Taverns Are Insured to the Max

When you opened your traditional European tavern years ago, you had no idea how successful it would become. Now, you have four taverns throughout your state, and each one is bringing in tremendous profits. As you pour over the most recent financials for each facility, you realize that you could save money in some areas, which is perfect because you are ready to find a location for your fifth full-service hostel. One place where operating capital flies out the window is business insurance, because taverns have additional coverage needs. It’s time to look into wholesale tavern insurance.

Even with a wholesale package, you still get all the added protections your business requires. The right broker will offer multiple policies that protect all of your taverns against drunken and disorderly conduct, accidents inside and outside the premises, protection over your alcohol and special events coverage. The right broker can also give you increased liability limits that won’t break the bank. You shouldn’t have to pay exorbitant deductibles to get the coverage amounts you need just because you run taverns. Wholesale tavern insurance can save you money on this budget line, so contact a qualified broker today to go over its wholesale offerings, and then use the money you save on insurance to open your newest tavern-style hostel.