Don’t Worry, It’s Just Part of a Communist Plot

Don’t mind the fireballs in Queens and Brooklyn — they’re all part of the show.

The Police Department gave New Yorkers a heads-up on Monday that at two locations over the next two days — in Richmond Hill, Queens, on Tuesday and on Union Street in Brooklyn on Wednesday — there will be a “controlled explosion with a fireball effect” on the sets of a television production. The “controlled pyrotechnic” events will occur after dark both days, the police said, though the fiery effects may illuminate some of the surrounding area, as fire is wont to do.

Jake Goldman, a spokesman for the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, said they were for the same show, “The Americans,” a new drama on the FX network about two cold-war-era K.G.B. spies posing as Americans.

“Worth noting,” he added, “that the stunts come at a time when the local industry employs 130,000 New Yorkers and contributes over $7 billion to the city’s economy.”

It was not immediately clear how much money this week’s fireballs would generate for the city.

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