Get Home Inspection done from the most recognized home inspection company in Florida

When you buy a property, you invest your hard earned money and time for it. You definitely do not want any major expenses to occur at a later stage or even any unknown defects and dangers. When you get an inspection done it saves you a lot of money and time and gives you a security that the property is safe and sound. But, a Home Inspection can only be done by a professional company that specializes in Inspections and one who will provide you a thorough report of each and every aspect of the house. You would surely want to know if there is any hidden damage to the structure, any electrical problems, plumbing defects, roof leakages etc.

Inspections Florida is one such company that you can count on to give you an accurate picture of the condition of the property through their qualified Home Inspector. We are in business since 1993 and have a vast experience in the field of Home Inspections. We provide residential inspections for structural, electrical, mechanical, roof, plumbing, swimming pool, appliances, wood destroying organisms, new construction and windstorm insurance inspection.

When it is a New construction, your builder may provide you with one year warranty for any structural defects or construction issues. But after that any cost is to be solely borne by you. With our New Home Inspection Services, we will give you a review of all potential or current structural or safety issues. You would surely want a perfect report of your property from our Home Inspectors before your warranty expires

When it comes to commercial property, you would never leave it to chance. So, we offer you Commercial Inspections by our highly professional team and it includes licensed General Contractors, Florida Certified Professional Engineers, Registered Architects and Certified Pest Operators. We provide many services like Comprehensive Commercial Building Inspections, New Construction Inspections, Construction-In-Progress Inspections, Damage Estimates, Structural Inspections and many other essential services for you.

In Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, it is mandatory for your property which is 40 years old and every ten years thereafter to get a Recertification. If your property is 40 years old, you may have received or may be about to receive a Notice of Required Recertification. You only have 90 days to comply with the required inspection. You would want to do it beforehand rather than miss the 90 day period and deal with code violations and fines.

You may suffer from respiratory problems or allergies if there is mold in numerous areas of your building. This is not visible to the naked eye and needs a qualified Mold Inspector to assess your commercial or residential property for mold.

If you avail of our Recertification services, you are sure to get value for money and peace of mind regarding the County rules.

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