Gum Removal in Parks and Public Areas

Gum removal in the U.S. is a big business. There are chewing gum wads on benches, sidewalks, walls, stairs, elevators, escalators, windows, doors, and other surfaces. In addition, it is usually teeming with germs, insects, and dirt. Soft gum transfers to clothing and hair while hardened gum collects dirt and is tough to remove. Contractors responsible for maintaining parks and public landscapes often face a tough time removing gum. Gum removal can earn you a lucrative additional income if you invest in the right gum removing products.

Finding the Right Equipment

Gum removal equipment is usually a specially, custom designed steam cleaner. Unlike ordinary steam cleaning machines, commercial gum removing machines are powerful and offer a multitude of useful features. In addition to gum removal, they can perform other steam cleaning functions such as removing stains, grime, and odors. Their high temperature (gum removing machines reach as high as 369F, while ordinary machines reach up to 386F) helps to soften residue and helps to clean kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas. With anti-bacterial technologies, steam cleaners can kill more than 99 percent of bacteria found on the surface, a beneficial feature in removing bacteria-ridden gum wads.

Commercial gum removing machines should have high pressure levels. Some machines feature pressure as high as 150 psi, while gum removing machines reach up to 125 psi. These machines should also have powerful vacuum extraction to facilitate fast removal of chewing gum.

Productivity is enhanced if you use gum removing equipment with the right labor saving features. In addition to dry and wet vacuuming, industrial gum removers should be capable of nonstop operation, which means they should have a large boiler and a non-pressurized refill chamber. This allows users to refill during operation, unlike other machines that require users to shut the system off and cool down before they refill. Many gum removing tasks become easier upon application of a detergent, which is why some commercial machines are fitted with a large detergent chamber.

There should be many different types of brushes to help the user tackle a variety of dirt on many types of surfaces. You will need high quality stainless steel brushes for gum removal from concrete, granite, and stone surfaces. For additional cleaning of hardened stains, you will need steel wool pads. Softer brass and nylon brushes should be used on more delicate surfaces. A detachable steam hose allows you to maneuver or store the machine properly. A grout cleaning tool is necessary for cleaning the spaces between outdoor tiles on walkways and walls.

Check warranties when purchasing gum removal machines. Most dealers offer inadequate warranties! A lifetime boiler warranty goes a long way in reducing boiler replacement costs while a one-year parts warranty takes care of parts replacement or repair in the short term. This can help a gum remover business save on maintenance costs of their machines.

Low Moisture, Dry Vapor Machines

One of the major advantages of steam based gum remover machines like steam cleaner is that they generate steam with very low water content. This dry steam, while hot enough to soften gum and other dirt, does not leave the surface wet. The low water utilization reduces water damage to surfaces while conserving water and reducing water disposal costs.

A gum remover business can make hundreds of dollars per hour if they invest in the right gum cleaning machines and tools.

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