How Are You Warding Off the Flu?

Sure, you could go out and get a flu shot like everyone keeps telling you to do. It’s practically free, and available just about everywhere.

But the shot is not 100 percent effective. And it takes two weeks to kick in. And needles are scary. (The spray vaccine, on the other hand — up your nose! — is just gross.) Plus, the flu has its upsides.

On the bright side, having the flu was a great start to my spring break diet.. eating nothing and still managing to puke

Allison (@Ally_YM) 6 Jan 13

Turns out I don’t have the flu, I just really like NyQuil and hate wearing pants.

NYC Blonde (@NYC_Blonde) 10 Jan 13

If you’re holding out, or procrastinating, or have decided against getting vaccinated altogether, what alternative means are you using to keep those bad bugs away? Comment in the box below.

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