How To Market With Real Estate Postcards

Experienced real estate agents know that the competition to sell properties is fierce, and that the agent who wants to earn consistent commissions has to set himself above the crowd. One way an agent can increase his visibility is to use real estate postcards as a marketing tool. A postcard, used effectively, can help an agent build his brand.

The agent’s objective is put a postcard in a homeowner’s hand, and for that homeowner to hold onto the card, rather than to throw it away. One way to insure that the homeowner keeps the card, is to add something of value to the card. For instance, placing a calendar, a cooking recipe, or housecleaning tip, on the card, makes the card more than a promotional message.

Agents should schedule monthly mailings so that homeowners get used to receiving the cards, and the valuable information that comes along with the agent’s promotional message. This is a long term strategy, so the sales person should expect to see results no earlier than six months from the initial mailing. However, the sales person with initiative, can speed her results by doing personal follow up.

Results could come faster however, if the agents follow up with a personal visit or phone call. It might take time to knock on a door or make a phone call, but the real estate agent who does, will separate himself from agents who are more interested in internet campaigns. Many agents have forgotten the value of simply talking to people personally, because they spend so much time trying to find internet leads.

Agents who use postcard mailings combined with personal follow up, will be sure to separate themselves from the group. Building a thriving real estate sales business takes time, patience, and determination. But, remember, the homeowner will work with an agent they are familiar with, rather than an agent they never heard of.

The card should be made out of high quality paper. The card should be big so it grabs the homeowner’s attention. The agent’s photograph should be on the front of the card, along with the agent’s website address. Every agent must have a professional looking website along with a photos of the properties he has listed.

Many homeowners are facing foreclosure and are looking for a way to avoid losing their home. The agent who specializes in foreclosures can use postcard marketing to reach those who need to sell their house in order to avoid foreclosure. The property owner who is looking at being foreclosed upon, will keep a postcard sent by an agent who can help him sell his home fast.

The savvy real estate agent understands that the competition to sell houses is very fierce, and the agent who wants to build his business has to build his brand and establish his expertise. An agent who uses real estate postcards to promote her business can not only build her brand but increase her sales and commissions. A postcard promotional campaign is relatively inexpensive, and one home sale can more than pay for a years promotional campaign cost.

Tori is a real estate professional who specializes in marketing real estate.

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