How to Rebuild Delaware’s Electric Generation Capacity: You Decide

Delaware imports 60% of its electric power. We get penalized for causing grid congestion and are missing out on 1000 direct jobs at generating facilities. This is a major reason our manufacturers pay 50% more for electricity than the average state and why residential customers pay an extra $400 a year.

For over 100 years the primary focus of electric generation has been to provide reliable power at the lowest possible cost. That mission was accomplished very well and power generation was an engine of economic growth. More recently we also expect power production to reduce air pollution and green house gases.

You have $2.5 billion to re-build Delaware’s electric generating infrastructure. We currently pay about 9 cents a kilowatt-hour because of pricing rules from PJM Interconnection, the regional grid manager. To avoid pricing penalties we need to build 75% of our generating needs including reserve capacity. You should consider cost, reliability, job creation potential, air pollution reduction, and green house gas reduction.

In regard to reliability, base load power is available all the time, intermittent power is available only part time and the hours of availability cannot be predicted. The larger the air pollution and carbon dioxide index number the better. For example an index of “1” is eight times better than “0.16”. Read the full article for comparative properties of different generating resources. You decide the best solution!


David T. Stevenson, Director, Center for Energy Competitiveness


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