Is Your Website a Revenue Generating Tool?

Today your business website has to be more than just a great big electronic business card or brochure. Your site should help you build an email list of customers and potential customers so that you can inform them, teach them, and market to them.

Most Businesses do Have Some Form of Website

Businesses today know that they should have a website and the truth is most businesses do have some form of a website. Even very small businesses have managed to get a site on the Internet even if it is a template site through a service.

This is a great first step because it does allow people who are looking specifically for your site and who know your URL do find it and that lends some legitimacy to your business. Not having a site at all does leave many people with the idea that your business is very small or not up to date. This type of site does allow people to gain information they need including your phone number or location. In a better economy and before the explosion of the Internet this was enough to bring clients and customers to your business but today your business needs much more!

It is All in the List

Collecting the names and email addresses of potential customers is one goal of a marketing website. Making appointments, selling products, and promoting related products or services through your website can bring in additional revenue that can mean the difference between a successful business and one that is dying or barely staying alive in this highly and quickly changing market.

How many new clients or sales has your current website created over the last three months? If your answer is few or none then you need a marketing and sales website fast!

Gathering potential client names and emails then giving them information they want and desire is the way to position you as the expert, have the image that your company is an industry leader and gather a great group of potential customers to market to over the buying cycle.

Your marketing team can stay in contact with potential clients until they are ready to make the decision to buy. This is particularly important for products that have a longer buying cycle and higher price.

Did I say it was hard? No, I did not, but it is also not easy. There are secret systems that have been developed, tested, and made many Internet Marketers millionaires.

Be the innovator, the leader in your market. Make your bottom line increase dramatically; look like you have a huge Internet marketing department. This will gain business for you and drive your competition crazy by using the tools, systems and strategies of wildly successful Internet Marketers. Marketing, email marketing, article marketing and social media marketing are all necessary for success in today’s competitive market. Don’t you want to be the leader?


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