Know How To Design A Banner Stand All By Yourself

It has been commonly found that many businesses, especially the smaller ones come with challenges, including the cost of advertising. It may happen that you have very good advertising ideas but lack the required funds to make them happen. If you are a victim of this financial crisis, there is really no reason for you to worry. There is a very simple and cost effective way of advertising in the form of Banner Stands. Even if you do not have much money to hire a professional designer, you can easily design it own your own. Here is the basic overview of how to design them all alone.


2) At first, measure the length and width of the banner. Your banner stand should be at least 1inch longer than your measured length.

3) Using a pipe cutter, cut four pieces of a .75inch PVC pipe. The pieces that will be opposite to each other must be of the same length and all the pieces must be at least one inch longer than your original measured length.

4) Next, place an L bracket on both sides of the PVC pipe which is to be at the top of the advertisement with the open end of the bracket pointing down.

5) Attach the two pieces of the PVC pipe into the open end of the L bracket. After this, try to place one end of the top part of a T bracket on the bottom end of the side piece. Place the T brackets with one open end pointing downwards and one open pointing towards the centre of the holder.

6) Fix the PVC pipe that corresponds to the bottom of your advertisement into the open ends of the T bracket which point towards the centre of the holder to form a rectangle with T brackets at the bottom corner.

7) Measure and cut 6 foot sections of PVC pipe of length 3feet.

8) Put a piece of 3foot long PVC pipe into the open holes of the T brackets of the holder. Add a T bracket to the bottom of each of these pieces. The top part of the T should be located at the lowest point of the leg with the openings perpendicular to the direction the Banner Stands will face.

9) Make the holder stand on its leg supports.

10) Tie the advertisement on the completed banner stand.

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