Looking To Rent Office Space? 5 Important Facts You Should Know About Short Term Offices

There are a lot of reasons why your company would look to rent new commercial office space. You may be expanding, you might be looking to relocate to a main geographical location, or maybe you are about to make the leap by moving your office from home to your first commercial office space. Whatever the reason, it’s very important to understand the different types of office space and what each has to offer.

One very popular type of commercial office rental is the short term office. Below are five vital facts that you should be aware of when deciding which rental scheme will be best suited to your business and your current situation:

1. Short term leases are generally significantly more flexible than other leasing arrangements. This can be ideal if you are ‘testing the water’ with a geographical location or office size. All locations and size of office facility would be available under this rental scheme.

2. Generally speaking, the services included in a short-term lease are incredibly inclusive compared with alternative leasing arrangements. This is useful for budget management, especially if you are a new business or maybe you are keeping a tight reign on your finances.

3. A main geographical location will needless to say have cost implications and this kind of lease can be the most economical way of finding out whether or not the new location is the perfect one. You won’t want to be moving again too soon but should the location be the wrong one, you know you are not committed long term.

4. Short-term offices by and large come as two options; managed offices and serviced offices. The service option can have more services that are available to the company and much less of a responsibility for the management side. This could be an ideal option for a new or small business. The managed option is slightly less ‘turnkey’ but may suit a more established business.

5. In the course of this tricky financial climate that the whole world finds itself in, the fact that there would not be a large upfront fee required for a short-term office is extremely appealing.

The commercial office space industry is currently extremely competitive and as a result of this and the excellent choice of leasing arrangements available, some appealing deals can be found on offer. Evaluate all the pros and cons of the different schemes available and consider thoroughly any facility you consider and its location. Irrespective of how good a deal you can strike, you’ll want to ensure that your decision was the right one as whilst your commitment is only short term, relocating yet again is something you can do without.


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