Man Accused in Fraud Scheme Wants to See Son Compete

Mark Mazer may have been in the headlines recently because he is accused of being the architect of an $80 million scheme to siphon money from the Bloomberg administration’s CityTime project to automate payroll for all city workers. But he is also the parent of an accomplished gymnast.

And on Wednesday, Mr. Mazer’s lawyer requested that his client be allowed to leave the New York metropolitan area to accompany his son to two national competitions, one in Landover, Md., in April, and the other in Long Beach, Calif., in May.

The request, which was made in a formal letter to Judge George B. Daniels of Federal District Court in Manhattan, is the first made by any of the seven people who have been charged so far in the CityTime scandal. The seven (one of whom has died since the charges were announced in December) have been accused of participating in a corruption plot to steer city contracts to businesses that they controlled, and pocketing some of that money.

“This type of request is standard under the federal bail system and was made with the consent of the prosecutor and pretrial services agency,” said Evan L. Lipton, Mr. Mazer’s lawyer.

Mr. Mazer, a technology consultant and resident of Manhasset, on Long Island, is free on a $2 million bond. Under the terms of his bond, he cannot leave the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, which cover New York City and Long Island. Mr. Mazer also cannot leave New Jersey, where his son Michael, a student at New York University, does his gymnastics training.

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