Newark Data Center Not a Choice Between Jobs and Environment

            The proposed new Data Center in Newark has the potential to create thousands of construction jobs and hundreds of permanent jobs with its billion dollar investment.  Some have suggested the power plant to be built to support the power hungry center might harm the environment.  We take issue with that argument.


           Please follow the link below to a powerful video from Jim Black, the Founder of the Partnership for Sustainability in Delaware. He has also served as Chair of the Executive Committee for the Delaware Chapter of the Sierra Club and as a lobbyist for the Clean Air Council.  I would only add two comments to Jim’s remarks in answer to critic’s suggestion the Data Center purchase power from the regional electric grid:


  • About half the power reaching Delaware from the grid comes from coal fire power plants which generate twice the carbon dioxide and more pollutants than the planned state-of-the-art natural gas generator in Newark
  • Since much of our power comes from generation facilities in western Pennsylvania and West Virginia we average about an 11% transmission line loss.  That means we burn an extra pound of fuel for every nine pounds of fuel producing useful electricity.  With a power plant on the Data Center site there will be essentially no transmission line loss.  In fact, it is environmentalist pushing hardest the idea of distributed generation, power made where it will be used.    


Dave Stevenson

Director, Center for Energy Competitiveness

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