Ohio Tool Works: Where Honing Stones Have More Than Just That Abrasive Quality

The secret of good honing lies in its abrasives. As every good machinist knows, the level of precision in the cut comes from the quality of abrasive materials in use. What better place to buy honing abrasives than from a company whose team boasts a combined experience of more than 100 years in the honing business? This number might offer an initial glimpse into their credentials, however the services they offer go beyond numerical value.

For example, the dedication to customer service that has been the hallmark of this Ashland, Ohio-based manufacturer of quality honing products has yielded in industry-wide admiration and respect for this one-of-a-kind company. More importantly, in a short period of time, since their inception in 2004, these honing experts have attracted accolades from customers worldwide.

Proof of both, lies in their recognition as Vendor of the Year by Honing Incorporated of Houston Texas, a division of Texas Iron Works and a prominent customer of Ohio Tool Works. Such awards shouldn’t come as a surprise, judging by the quality of their honing abrasives and related products.

Indeed, the Ohio Tool Works line of honing abrasives is designed to meet the needs of industrial and automotive customers around the world. Like the professionals involved in their design and manufacture, these honing abrasives are capable of meeting even the most demanding of honing needs.

It is through such attention to detail and quality in the manufacture of its honing abrasives and other honing related products that Ohio Tool Works has managed to generate phenomenal growth over the past four years.

Ohio Tool Works has also been commended for its plant operations, high-end consultative and training services, engineering and applications engineering, in addition to the quality, flexibility, durability, and reliability of its industrial honing equipment, tooling, and abrasive products. Ohio Tool Works continues to be lauded for its commitment to quality customer service, demonstrated through its provision of live support 24/7.

The experts at Ohio Tool Works value their relationships with their customers and ensure that this relationship doesn’t end with the initial purchase. Rather, the Ohio Tool Works experts guide customers right from initial consultation to post-production process.

Honing is a highly specialized aspect of industrial operations and requires a high degree of expertise. For someone whose business finds itself faced with the need to do honing for the first time, the prospect can be intimidating. This is why you need top-of-the-line honing experts like Ohio Tool Works to help you along your way.

When your expertise is further fuelled by that of Ohio Tool Works, there can only be one resultsuccess.

For information on quality honing stones and other equipment, visit OhioToolWorks or call us at [419] 281-3700.

The experts at Ohio Tool Works value their relationships with their customers and ensure that this relationship doesn’t end with the initial purchase. For more information, please visit http://www.ohiotoolworks.com/.

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