Payroll Solutions: What Does Your Business Need?

Picking the best payroll solutions provider to fit your small business’s needs can be a daunting task even for a seasoned business owner. Calculating payroll the old fashioned way wastes a great deal of time that could have been better spent accomplishing more work, meeting with more clients, and earning more money. Stop trying to cram everything into your already packed schedule. You’re likely to make mistakes the IRS will hold you accountable for. Find a payroll solutions provider that works for your business and let yourself get back to doing what it is that you do best, running your business!

Does Your Payroll Solution Provider Do These Three Things?

If you’re going to outsource your payroll duties to an outside payroll solution provider, then you really should make sure they do AT LEAST these three things for you: free up your valuable time, cut down on costly errors, and let you get back to growing your business. With the glut of companies popping up these days offering what at times can be a confusion menu of options, how can you choose? Here are a few things you should consider before choosing a payroll solutions provider:

Time – are you spending several hours (or days) on payroll? If the answer is yes, then you need to find a new way! Your payroll solutions provider should cut the time needed for running payroll to mere minutes, instead of hours! All of the employees data: total hours worked, pay rate, sick time and vacation time balances, should all be accessed easily and organized on one screen in a format that makes it easier for you to approve payroll.

Accuracy – does your current system reduce mistakes? The IRS holds business owners responsible for any mistakes made paying their payroll taxes. Transferring data by hand from time sheets, or switching back and forth between screens to access the data you need to run payroll can lead to mistakes. Your payroll solutions system should be customized to help cut back on the need to switch screens, and make all the information you need readily accessible. In today’s day and age, your payroll solution system should be fully customizable to make sure you aren’t hopping back and forth between the data you need to be all in one place!

Scalability – as your business grows will your payroll solutions system grow with it? You may be ok right now tracking payroll in your Excel spreadsheets and with hand written time sheets, but as your business expands, how will your current system evolve to fit your growing needs? Is it difficult to add and track new employees? Can multiple employees access your payroll solutions software simultaneously? How easy is it to update company-wide changes to benefits and pay? Can you customize payroll reports without spending days, or WEEKS, trying to re-configure your old system?

Cut Back On Mistakes. Free Up Your Time. Get Ready To Grow!

Calculating payroll the old fashioned way can take ages, and can lead to costly mistakes. Nothing prevents work from getting done more than mistakes, not to mention the additional time spent correcting them. Ultimately, your payroll solutions provider should take the burden of running payroll off of your shoulders and let you to return to running and growing your business. When picking the best payroll solutions system for your business, make sure that it cuts back on mistakes, frees up your valuable time, and is ready to expand as your business grows, because that’s the ultimate goal for your business: growth!

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