Police Kill Man Wielding Knife in Queens

A man who had been threatening his mother at knifepoint was shot and killed by uniformed police officers in Queens on Wednesday night after he came upon them in the foyer of his home brandishing the knife in his right hand, the authorities said.

At least three officers, including a sergeant, opened fire on the man, Zachary Bingert, hitting him several times, a law enforcement official said. Mr. Bingert appeared to have at least nine bullet wounds, the official said.

The official spoke on the condition of anonymity in providing a preliminary account of what occurred, warning that because the investigation was continuing, details of the shooting were subject to clarification.

According to the official’s account, the police officers were called to 64-49 Shaler Avenue in Glendale about 9:30 p.m., after Mr. Bingert’s mother dialed 911 to report that her son was threatening her with a knife. The mother and son have a history of problems, and the police have gone to the home in response to complaints about domestic trouble in the past, the official said.

The mother also has a protective order issued against her son that places restrictions on their contact, the official said.

After the 911 call, a sergeant and one other police officer literally “responded on foot” from the 104th Precinct station house on Catalpa Avenue, which is around the corner from the Bingerts’ two-family house, the official said. A unit with two more uniformed officers went at the house in a marked police car.

The officers went up the steps and walked into the foyer of the house, where they were met by Mr. Bingert, who still had the knife in hand, the official said.

It was not immediately clear whether Mr. Bingert lunged at the officers, but the distance between the officers who fired and Mr. Bingert was small, the official said, “maybe four feet at the most.”

Before the gunshots, Mr. Bingert “was ordered to drop the weapon,” the official said. “He refused to do so, and the officers fired rounds.”

Paramedics who arrived at the house declared Mr. Bingert dead at the location. The police officers were taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, where they were treated for trauma and minor injuries, the police said.

On Thursday, the police made public a photo of the knife Mr. Bingert was holding. It appeared to be a hunting-style knife with a brown handle and a silver blade. Officers found two more knives like it in the residence, the official said.

Mr. Bingert had been arrested several times, including once on Nov. 11 on assault charges and once on Sept. 20 for menacing, the official said. He had also been charged on June 10 with obstructing governmental administration and on Dec. 16, 2006, with criminal possession of a weapon, the official said. The disposition of each of those cases was not immediately clear.

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