Polyester Industrial Yarn, Low Melt Fiber From FiberPartner

Fiberpartner is a modern company with trading activities throughout the world. Fiberpartner is active in staple fibers in polyester, polypropylene, and bicomponents as well as technical yarns in polyester and polyamide, and plastics in PET and PP. A worldwide network across rawmaterials, machinery and finished products makes Fiberpartner unique. Polyester Filament yarns from Fiberpartner are widely applied to industrial textiles. The high tenacity and if required low shrinkage properties has achieved global recognition for consistent and high quality.

Polyester high tenacity yarn is used for high performance applications where tenacity is the key factor with Den 210 6000 den, intermingled, twisted, and multicompact up to 220.000 Dtex, Dope dyed colour, Low elongation, abraision resistant, adhesive activated, low elongation. Their application includes webbings, narrow fabrics, cordage, deep sea moorings, ropes, nets, strapping, slings, geotextiles, seatbelts, firehose, hose, filtration. Low shrinkage polyester yarn is used where tenacity, yet a low heat shrinkage is required with 220 2000 den, Shrinkage from 1,6% – 3,5%, Intermingled, twisted and multicompact up to 220.000 Dtex, Low shrinkage, HMLS, adhesive activated. Its application includes PVC coated materials, taupaulins, tirecords, filtration, firehose, Geotextiles. High modulus low shrinkage yarn is especially designed for tirecord with high performance with the characteristics of 1000-1500 den, Intermingled & twisted features. Its application includes tire cord, conveyer belt, canvas. High tenacity PA6 yarns is used for industrial applications where high tenacity and medium elongation is required with features like 840 1890 den, Intermingled. Its application includes nets, ropes, cords, narrow fabrics.

Fiberpartner offer on regular bases very good quality near prime quality of polyester Stable Fibers. It is produced by bicomponent spinning of general polyester and modified polyester, can be melted at lower temperature with 110~200 degree centigrade than normal fiber and bonded with other one. It is suitable for cleaning fiber suspension with the consistency of 0.4-1.2%. It can efficiently remove light impurities, hot melt impurities, pulp rejects, heavy impurities etc. In addition, it can also remove foam plastic, cork fragments. They are produced by bicomponent spinning of PET/ Co-PET, Can be 100% recycled, with excellent heat bonding property, easy mixing property with other fiber, with excellent washing procedures. Low Melting Fiber are usually bonded with other fibers by melting at lower temperature then normal fiber. Their features includes low melting point and high adhesion and good laundry resistance. Fiberpartner supplies Low melt fiber/ tow waste in good quality on regular basis.

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