Protect Your Investment With Collector Car Insurance

Hartford CT Insurance

Unlike regular automobiles, collector, classic, and antique cars usually appreciate in value over time. That is why its important to get Hartford, CT insurance to protect your investment. Collector cars need a unique insurance plan, which is why you should find an insurance agency that is knowledgeable about specific requirements.

Agreed Value

Because many of the antique vehicles increase in value, it is important that you receive the full value of the car in the case of a loss. With agreed value coverage, you will be reimbursed for the full insured value of your car. While this doesnt completely make up for the fact that you lost your prized vehicle, it does allow you to purchase another one of similar value that you can enjoy.

Vehicle Restoration Coverage

One common occurrence with owning a collector car is that there are often multiple restorations. Whether it is restoring the inside and getting new leather to cover the seats, or revamping the outside of the vehicle, the car may be out of commission and in someone elses hands for a good period of time. Restoration coverage can help in the event that damage occurs while it is being worked on.

Owning an antique or collector car can be fun, and it presents a sort of pride among owners. Hartford, CT insurance companies recognize the special requirements necessary for insuring these types of vehicles.


photo credit: AACA East Coast Nationals, Hershey Park, PA (license)