Pushing Paladino to Take His Bat to the Beltway

An unlikely message ricocheted across the blogosphere on Wednesday: “Run, Carl, Run!”

That would be Carl P. Paladino, the Buffalo real estate magnate best known for his hotheaded campaign for governor last year. His fans were hoping that he might seek the Congressional seat vacated by Christopher Lee, a Republican, and give Washington a dose of his mad-as-hell message.

The prospect tantalized his supporters and journalists alike: an encore from the man who decried gay pride parades as “disgusting” and traveled the state with a pit bull and a promise to whack Albany with a baseball bat.

But in an e-mail message on Wednesday night, Mr. Paladino said he had no intention of running. “I’m not a compromising type of a person,” he wrote.

Mr. Lee stepped down on Wednesday, hours after Gawker, a gossip Web site, published a shirtless photo of Mr. Lee that he e-mailed to a woman who had posted a personal ad on Craigslist.

As news of Mr. Lee’s abrupt resignation spread on Wednesday, Mr. Paladino received a flurry of calls from supporters of his campaign for governor. They told him he had a shot at winning a seat in Western New York, a bastion of support during his campaign last year.

Asked about those calls, Mr. Paladino seemed resentful. “Would a real friend urge me to run?” he wrote.

Since his failed bid for governor, Mr. Paladino has wandered into the spotlight on occasion, organizing a boycott of The Buffalo News and appearing on Fox News.

He has also taken to posting photos of Duke, his 6-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier, on his Facebook page. One recent photo showed Duke lazing on the floor in front of a giant bone. “Duke adjusting back to life at the office,” the caption read.

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