Readers Recall Another Mayor, and Another Storm

Many of our readers are still waiting for the plows to reach their area (and will continue to wait). Feeling trapped and abandoned, at least a few recalled the time when the city was caught with its plows up on Sunday, Feb. 9, 1969. That’s when a mere 15 inches of snow froze the streets for days.

“This is reminiscent of Mayor Lindsay’s 1969 Queens debacle. Once again a mayor ignoring the boros,” said Nickie. “The difference is that Bloomberg isn’t running for mayor again so he has no great motivation to get us plowed out.”

In an attempt to smooth things over in the hardest-hit areas, Mayor John V. Lindsay slushed through the streets of Queens, where it was rumored that sanitation workers — still angry about the Lindsay administration’s heavy-handed actions during their strike in 1968 — were deliberately ignoring Queens to sabotage the mayor.

Even in a four-wheel-drive truck, he had trouble getting around. But when he arrived, his presence was not exactly welcome. In Fresh Meadows, a woman told the mayor, “Get away, you bum.”

Stephen Folkson, who was there in 1969, remembers the visit.

“I remember quite candidly when my family moved to this area of the world that people in Fresh Meadows threw fruit at the late mayor Lindsay, because the streets did not get cleaned in a timely manner,” he wrote. “Mayor Bloomberg always seems to be on the defensive when he holds a news conference, but the streets speak for themselves.”

A reader from Middle Village wrote in: “Don’t lie to the public, you think we have short memories, remember Mayor Lindsay lost an election because of his failure to get the snow removed. Your legacy can be damaged by this Mayor Bloomberg!!!!”

“I’m so glad that our mayor’s street is cleared. He needs to get to those press conferences. From now on I’m calling him Mayor John Lindsay the 2nd!” said a reader stuck in Rego Park.

Another still feels that former mayor’s presence:

“Mayor Lindsay lives! He’s stuck in Queens and can’t get out.”

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