Resolutions From Our Readers

Please quit smoking. I’m proud of you for trying and cutting back. I need you to be alive for a long time!
—Breuk, Brooklyn

For my husband to stop kicking the can down the road and get moving on this legal separation agreement already!
—kanecamp, mid-coast Maine

Never change who you are. I love you!
—Mrs. Chips Ahoy, NYC

I wish my cat would get a job.
—Margaret Diehl, NYC

Having a stronger relationship with The Lord and the fear of God since that ‘s the beginning of wisdom.
—Yves Domond, Roselle, New Jersey

For my parents to take more days off from work! They don’t have to work so much!
—George, Mayaguez, PR

Finish that novel!
—Khanh, Los Angeles

For a certain cousin of mine to use his turn signal when changing lanes while driving.
—asrothzeid, brooklyn

I would like my loved one to put the caps back on say the toothpaste. I feel it is a metaphor for life.
—Sheeba, bklyn

I wish my children and grandchildren would learn to value my senior thoughts and wishes.
—KLM, Sout Texas

Read a book. Not some books…a book. (Still love him though)
—patty, Detroit

Try to be more like me!

For my friend to stop trying to set me up on dates with my customers. Please.
—Sanderson, Eastern CT

My loved one loves to buy from deal of the day websites. Enough said.?
—Meighan, Rye, ny

Control your temper.
—Cassandra, Los Angeles

Love more, judge less.
—sruran4, Suburbs, NYC

All loved ones should resolve not to suggest to others how they can improve themselves.
—Siobhan, New York

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