Restaurant Insurance Serves Protection

Myers insurance agency

The restaurant industry can be a profitable field, but it also has many different types of loss and liability exposure. The key to preserving your investment in a restaurant business venture is to make sure that you are fully protected with business insurance. Myers insurance agency understands the unique needs of the restaurant business and can make sure that you have protection in the following areas.


If there is a fire in the kitchen or a backup in a drain that causes flooding, your property coverage will get your restaurant back on its feet again by repairing or rebuilding the property structure.

Worker’s Compensation

The restaurant profession is very physical and fraught with risks for employee injury. Workers compensation insurance is a mandatory coverage to make sure your employees get treated for cuts, burns, sprains, and strains.

General Liability

The unseen risk of food contamination is a major liability for a restaurant. In addition, alcohol liability protection is necessary if you serve alcoholic beverages. Patrons that slip and fall are another reason to carry adequate liability insurance.

Auto and Umbrella

If your business caters or delivers food, the vehicles involved need to be fully covered for both damage and liability. Umbrella coverage can provide your business for extra protection in any of the above risk categories.

Your restaurant has its best chance of success when it is fully insured. Myers insurance agency can help you get coverage for all of the specialized risks of a restaurant business.