Reviewing Your Commercial Property Liability Insurance

Orlando, FL, commercial property liability insurance

Make a New Year’s resolution to review your Orlando, FL, commercial property liability insurance next year to ensure it meets all the needs of your business. Have all of the deductibles and coinsurance evaluated to make sure you can cover your part of the expenses. If your business has grown or shrunk, you may want to adjust coverage to make sure you are protected and aren’t paying too much or too little.

As your business increases services, you may need more coverage or different insurance policies to protect intellectual property, customer’s sensitive data, and higher priced equipment. If there’s a fire or another disaster, you want to make sure you can rebuild and replace your current needs, not that of a year ago. If you’ve made upgrades to safety and security, it can affect the cost of your insurance. And your insurance agent can help you make improvements to reduce your risks.

Your agent can help you understand what’s covered and what isn’t when you talk to someone about your Orlando, FL, commercial property liability insurance. Discuss your current business aspects and needs and have your old policy on hand to know what holes you have in your coverage. Then you can make adjustments and pay for what you want to be protected against.

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