Safety Cans: Offering The Right Protection During Fire Hazards

Safety cabinets and safety cans offer a lot of protection to the workers at the industrial work place and also reduce the hazards that come along with fire accidents. Presence of the safety cans improves productivity too as the workers are fully aware that they can ward off the emergency situation by making use of the safety cabinets and cans. The inflammable liquids are stored in Justrite safety cans. There are also other types of cans which are employed for different purposes.

The safety cans are basically used to transfer and dispense flammable liquids and they come with ingenious designs and are also made of top quality materials which make them easy to use and also serve a long time. There are the Type I safety can, Type II safety can, diesel safety can and gas safety can. While Type I and Type II are used in transferring as well as dispensing flammable liquids, the diesel safety can and gas safety can are made use of largely for fuel storage in an absolutely safe manner.

Supply Line Direct hosts a lot of safety cans as well as safety cabinets which the customers can select from. They also store acid storage cabinets and also pesticide storage cabinets. All the safety cans come in varying colors and this color based system is what helps the workers at the work place identify the cans easily depending on the necessity they have for pesticides, acids or flammable liquids.

Safety cans are saviors for controlling flammable vapors and they provide an easy way out in carrying as well as dispensing around 5 gallons of liquids that are flammable.

Type I Safety Can: this is designed especially to transfer flammable liquids and comes in with a single spout that is used to fill and pour too. It comes in with various features like a free flow flame arrester and an automatic pressure relief vent through the spring mount.

Type II Safety Can: This can has a separate fill and pour opening which also is equipped with a hose to ensure smooth pouring. This can meets all NFPA and OSHA requirements.

Diesel Safety Can: OSHA and NFPA certified diesel fuel safety cans come in yellow color and are designed in such a way that they have a fill and pour openings fitted with flexible metal hose that offers accurate pouring. Gas safety can is also available at Supply Line Direct and you could make your choice basing on the requirements you have.

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