Scaffolding Towers Report: The Super-Speedy 80 Light Trade Alloy Tower

Scaffolding towers are a great choice over ladders in many work at height applications. For instance, whenever a worker has a long-drawn-out task to complete, it is easier and more secure to be standing on a scaffold tower’s large platform instead of a ladder’s skinny rungs. Even another beneficial quality of scaffold towers is that multiple workers can stand on them at the same time. Also, you can take a heavier quantity of materials and instruments onto a scaffold tower than you can on a ladder. Following is some info pertaining to a durable and steadfast scaffold tower: the Super-Speedy 80 light trade alloy tower.

Scaffolding Towers: Concerning the Super-Speedy 80 Light Trade Alloy Tower

This tower is certified to comply fully with the European EN1004 Class 3 standard, an update of the old HD1004 specifications, which means it has passed a set of rigorous tests, and is deemed safe for light trade use. In actuality, the Super-Speedy 80 has now include extra elements for assurance that it complies with the UK Health and Safety requirement pertaining to the 3T assembly process. All these constituents render the Super-Speedy tower a fantastic value for the cost. Though made for light industrial usage, the tower can additionally be incorporated for projects around the home. It can withstand a maximum safe working load of about 150kg, but is really lightweight because it is manufactured from aluminium. The aluminium also means that the tower is easy to erect, easy to transport, and easy to store.

Scaffolding Towers: Characteristics of the Super-Speedy 80 Light Trade Alloy Tower

A main characteristic of the tower is the small-size base size (1.75 x 0.3m); because of this it will store in a narrow space. The tower rungs are designed to be non-slip, and are serrated for extra safety. To facilitate moving the tower, a castor pack is included. Furthermore, the base unit can fold compactly for easier storing. Do be aware, however, that adjustable legs are not included. You can buy them separately. The modular design of the Super-Speedy tower makes it a great value, because only what’s needed can be bought, and more modules added when needed.

Scaffolding Towers: Some Details of the Super-Speedy 80 Tower

This tower has a maximum working height of 3.80m and a platform height of 1.80m. It is significant to acknowledge that this towers safe working load is 150kg. Its measurements are 1.75 by 0.83m; it is in full conformity with all necessary health and safety rules. It is exceedingly relevant, though, to make certain that these aluminium towers such as the Super-Speedy 80 are accurately erected; the fact that they are so light in weight renders them so easy to tumble over. To avoid accidents, all parts of the tower must be in place for it to be stable. Sometimes, stabilisers are necessary to guarantee that scaffolding towers are erected in a secure way.

Scaffolding towers like this Super-Speedy 80 light trade alloy tower provide more protection as well as boost efficiency as you are working at heights.

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