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When it comes to our plumbing system, most homeowners don’t know when an issue needs the services of a professional plumber. You should call a plumber if you experience the following:

1 ) householders who try and fix a broken gas line are putting themselves at great risk. An approved plumber will have the acceptable pressure-testing device to check for dangerous leaks. They also have the training and experience to tighten loose pipe fittings and correctly thread pipes.

If your drain is clogged and you are unable to unclog it, a plumber will be ready to get to the base of the difficulty and repair it.

3 ) Water and sewer lines can be complicated. Sometimes the water valve found in a box at streetlevel may need to be turned off. If you have snaked the sewer line and the clog is still there, you need to call a plumber because they have the tools and understand how to find the source of the difficulty and fix it.

5 ) A sewer back up in the yard or street is a major matter. The ground may be dug up in order to find the source of the problem.

6 ) Any issues with your water pump need the services of a plumber. You may need a new part or a new pump.

8 ) If there is any problem that you aren’t sure of and are worried that you will cause further damage, you should never try a home fix job. You will end up making things worse and even encounter more expense.

9 ) Central heating systems can be complicated. An amateur could do more damage. After a plumber completes the repair [*COMMA] you should look over the area to make sure there are not any farther Problems such as a leak. If you want a new part or device, ensure you ask about guaranties. If you have a real big correct job, you must obtain several quotes from different plumbing companies to get the best price.

Most homeowners will try and do as much as practicable to mend a problem so they don’t have to enroll the services of a professional repair person. Hiring a professional plumber can frequently save you money because the chance of a novice causing further damage is quite high.

There’s not much worse than having a toilet overflow or a shower back up, and these things always seem to crop up at the most inopportune time. Plumber’s aren’t always available when there’s an emergency, so it’s useful to have some basic plumbing information to get yourself out of a tight spot until you’re able to get a hold of an expert.

Having a basic plumber’s toolbox handy will help you fix difficult scenarios or at least momentarily solve Problems until expert plumbers are available. In order to become an amateur plumber, you’ll need a little arsenal of handy tools at your disposal.

1. Plunger

The plunger, sometimes called a ‘plumber’s best friend,’ will be one of the most valuable ( and ordinarily used ) tool you own. Although you should purchase one cost effectively for under 5 bucks, investing in a marginally sturdier model is a decent idea, as poorly created plungers easily break ( sometimes during use ) .

A plunger is primarily used to de-clog toilets ; it can , however , be used for shower and sink drains too. Too often people misuse this simple tool. A good plumber knows a plunger shouldn’t push clogged material into the drain, but rather works as a suction device. You make a tight seal with the plunger round the offending drain and pull upwards to suck out any debris.

2. Toilet Auger

Where plungers fail, toilet augers prevail. These devices are infrequently called on to ‘snake’ out difficult clogs that lie too deep for plungers to reach. It resembles a pole with a crank attached at one end and flexible shaft at the other. The shaft is inserted into the drain and will either help pull up any block or break it apart to clear the obstruction.

Adjustable Wrench

Shower heads and other fixtures become loose, creating leaks or worse, just falling apart. Teflon Tape

Sprung a leak? Tape it up! It is not one a professional plumber would do, but you’re a beginner. 5. Although you could be in a position to maneuver regular pliers to undo a screw, plumber’s pliers are specifically suited for these roles. There may come a point when you have to dismantle a fixture or tank, and when it does, you will be glad to have two these handy.

6. Gloves

Plumbing jobs get greasy, so it’s important to work with a pair of robust gloves so you do not lose your grip and accidentally hurt yourself or break something.

A good rule is to only attempt to patch up leaks or unclog when positively necessary and when the issue is highly visible.

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